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Citizens of Humanity is a Los Angeles-based premium denim label that has captivated the world with a devoted commitment to producing the highest quality denim, without compromise. With an elevated style that exudes a sophisticated ease, this sets the foundation for the brand that continuously executes each design with intention in every detail. Since 2003, they have designed and manufactured in their company-owned facilities as well as with select production partners to ensure that their product is unparalleled in look, fit, and feel. Their LA based designers travel the world sourcing superior fabrications and seeking inspiration in every corner of the finest vintage markets. Their team continues to build powerful assortments that speaks to the core of their brand values; impeccable fits crafted in authentic fabrications and washes, providing women with the utmost comfort and confidence.

These days, everyone’s talking about vertical integration. At Citizens of Humanity, they’re actually doing it. So what does that mean? Being one of the very few vertically integrated denim production operations allows products to be manufactured within their own sewing and laundry facilities in Los Angeles and Turkey, as well as some select production partners, giving them complete control over the quality of their products. Before they are in your hands, each pair of their jeans passes through the hands of at least forty skilled craftsmen.

High quality fabrications and trusted techniques set the foundation of a production process steeped in integrity, a practice that they will continue to improve upon for years to come. The thoughtful process of making a truly premium pair of jeans is not easy, but it is worth it and they know you’ll love wearing these jeans as much as they love making them. So, here’s how everything comes together, down to the last stitch.

Because a great pair of jeans begins with a perfect fit, their designers and patternmakers fine-tune each garment prototype until they have it just right. With sustainability and innovation at the heart of everything they do, they cut their denim on automated machines to maximize efficiency and minimize fabric waste.

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A basic pair of five-pocket jeans takes up to fifty different steps to produce. Using techniques unique to Citizens, 250 of their sewing experts handcraft each pair of jeans. Each week, their team sews upwards of 5,000 pieces.

As a California-based company, having recently witnessed one of their state’s most serious droughts, they are committed to lowering water consumption in every step of the production process. They’ve implemented techniques that reduce their global footprint such as laser technology, their own ozone process, and high-efficiency washers.

This is where everything comes full circle. Each pair comes back to their warehouse to be hand-inspected by a quality-control specialist that knows the product as well as anyone. Several of their team members have been with Citizens since we first started. Lastly, each piece is then pressed and prepped for shipping.

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